Q. Proofreading is included in your translation services?

A. Yes! Translations services are delivered free of material errors and terminologically correct.

Q. What is the difference between translation proofreading, final proofreading and text editing?

A. Proofreading of translations includes checking of material errors, missing translation items, misunderstandings, etc. Final proofreading is normally the last step before a document is printed and in such a case only material errors should be checked. Text editing is aimed to correct the style, tone and language of a text and also to deliver it free of material errors. Material errors include grammar, punctuation, spelling, spacing, consistency, and so on.

Q. What is language localization?

A. It means basically the cultural customization of a product or service to a specific country or market, not merely in a linguistic approach but considering cultural aspects concerned to the target audience.

Q. European or Brazilian Portuguese?

A. I translate to both language variants depending on the subject matter. My technical education was developed in Brazil and I have experience within particular industry sectors. In order fields of expertise, I translate to European Portuguese due to the know-how acquired over the years in Europe as well as my own glossaries, translation memories and other resources created on the basis of the European terminology.

Q. How much costs a translation?

A. The exact price is given after a preliminary analysis of the text since different aspects  affect the rate, among others, language combination, number of words, text complexity, format, etc.  23% VAT is charged for services within Portugal.

Q. How much time it takes to deliver a translation?

A.  After analysing the document, a deliver deadline is agreed with you, considering both your needs and translation quality requirements. Urgent services as well as services at weekend have higher prices. Short deadlines not only impact the prices but can also affect translation quality. It is therefore recommended, when possible, to allow a realistic period of time for long translations..

Q. How can I send my text to you?

A.  You can send it in electronic format via email. If it is a printed document, try to scan it and send it as a file attachment to your e-mail.  If these solutions are not possible, please contact us.

The translation will also be delivered in electronic format in accordance with the document´s original layout and format (PDF, Excel, Power Point, etc.) or as otherwise agreed.

If it is a technical document with specific terminology used by your company, please send also these terminological references. This contributes to higher terminological consistency to the translation.

Q.  What are the payment methods?

A.  An invoice will be sent to you with all bank information. Payments can be made by wire transfer. Please contact us for more information.

Q.  What is the payment deadline?

A. Payments are usually due within a 30 days period after translation delivery. New costumers may be asked to pay fully or partially in advance depending on the order amount.