About us

My name is Maria do Carmo Rodrigues Amorim and I run Svepo Translations, a sole trader enterprise, registered in Sweden in 2008. After moving to Portugal in 2018, the name become also my trade mark in Portugal.

Portuguese citizen, created and educated in Brazil, resident in Sweden during 2006-2018, my academic background is chemical engineering, with a postgraduate diploma in sanitary engineering at the International Institute for Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering (IHE), Delft, Holland.

I worked as engineer for over thirty years both in the environmental and energy sectors: water resources control and use licensing and, afterwards, hydropower plants and transmission lines construction and operation, within the Brazilian energy public sector. I have also participated in international projects and worked as consultant both in Brazil and Portugal.

My career as technical translator started after moving to Sweden. Complementing my technical professional qualifications I have attended specific translation courses – among others, Juridical Translation to Portuguese and Translation and Linguistic Information Technologies – and participated in the annual conferences of The Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) as well as in different translation webinars.

English language qualifications comprise the Cambridge University Certificate and Michigan University Proficiency Certificate.

I am a full member of The Swedish Association of Professional Translators – SFÖ – https://sfoe.se/sv/profil/1391  – and I had the pleasure of being part of the conference group in charge of the Annual SFÖ Conference held in Jönköping, 2014.

Highly interested in languages and literature, I published my first Portuguese roman “Todos os Mares” in Sweden (Recito Förlag, 2011). I like as well to translate literature for my own enjoyment.